Oregon OSHA -- Training Requirements -- ONLINE COURSE

Watch the required training video today!

Hello all:

I have just watched and completed the one hour course offered by Oregon OSHA that is

part of the training required within offices and clinics. This part of the COVID-19 Training requirement consists of 4 Modules of the 10 required.

Module 1= Introduction

Module 2= Signs, Symptoms & Transmission

Module 3= Control Measures

Module 4= Conclusions

This program is being required in addition to the COVID-19 Risk Assessment and as noted in the OSHA Tool that OCA has offered our members as a benefit. The deadline for the Training Requirements is Dec. 21st. I would recommend simply watching this program with your staff and documenting that information in the training portion of the OSHA Tool document in regards to who watched with date and time. If CE is needed, individuals watching this independently can get 1 CE hour at the end of the program by correctly answering the 10 questions at which time your are asked to give your name and email and then a Certificate of Completion is created to print off. I PASSED WITH 100%!! So you know it is a very basic quiz that everyone should be able to pass if they have watched the program!!!

I have attached the OSHA training program link here.

Oregon OSHA Training program

There are also options to download the powerpoint presentation as well but after taking the time to watch this program it is very basic and straightforward. Whether you agree or disagree with some of the information put forward, this is part of the required training as mandated by the Temporary Oregon OSHA rule 437-001-0744.

The additional 6 items that are part of the Employer Training elements required by the 12/21/20 deadline are:

Physical Distancing

Mask/Face Coverings/ Shields

COVID-19 sanitation

COVID-19 Signs and Symptoms

COVID-19 Infection Notification

Medical Removal

Most of these are touched on in the training program but need to be completed in the Oregon OSHA TOOL document for your offices. Remember, that document does not need to be submitted anywhere but rather needs to be part of your office manual or HIPAA manual where you can find it if asked to produce it for Oregon OSHA representatives.

Please take time to do these requirements!!!

Lets get our entire profession in compliance!!

f you have not completed the Risk Assessment Tool portion of the OSHA requirement, non-members can purchase it from the OCA for $250. It is FREE of charge to OCA members as a member benefit! Please use the following link to order yours today! Oregon OSHA - COVID-19 Risk Assessment Tool/Template order form

Jan Ferrante, ED