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Fully Digital/Medicare Compliant IDC 1600 Series U-Arm X-Ray Unit & Suite For Sale

Jun 11, 2019

IDC (Imaging Dynamics Corporation) 1600 Series U-arm Digital X-ray System

Model SHF-835 for sale, $40,000 (negotiable) complete with:

-2005 Sedecal x plus 3-phase generator - 150 max kVp, 800 mA

-Motorized stand

-AEC (automatic exposure control) or manual techniques

-Toshiba Flat Panel Detector - purchased in 2015

-Magellan acquisition software

-Quantum Mobile elevating, float top radiographic table with locking wheels

-Genesis Omnivue software with two station license for storage and viewing

-IDC positioning guide

Included accessories:

-Lead apron & gloves

-Thyroid Shield

-3 sizes Fig Leaf gonad shields

-12"x12" Lead apron shield with Velcro waistband

-Lead masking shields of various sizes

-2 10-pound sandbags with handles

-Various positioning sponges

-A wooden platform for weight-bearing imaging of feet and ankles

For information on the x-ray unit contact Carla at (541) 480-0465 or

(Dr. retired, the unit is wrapped & sealed in storage)